Power Raking and Aerating

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Remove Debris From Your Lawn Quickly

Book our power raking services in the Mandan, ND area

Maybe you're going to have guests over, and you want to get all the leaves and sticks out of your yard before they arrive. Maybe you're just tired of seeing debris on your lawn, and you want to get rid of it right away. Odgers Outdoor Services can provide power raking services in Mandan, ND or any surrounding area.

We can remove just about anything from your lawn, including the dead thatch that many people in our area find on their lawns at the end of each winter. Contact us today for a free estimate on power raking services.

We can aerate compacted soil

If the soil on your property is too dense to let water or air reach the roots of your plants, we can provide lawn aerating services in the spring. This will help your plants, including your grass, stay hydrated and healthy. Boost the health and appearance of your lawn by arranging for lawn aerating services now.